Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is it or isn't it?

We did the first Enbrel injection yesterday, it wasn't the best experience ever. You have to stick the needle in and them pull back on the plunger slightly to check you haven't hit a blood vessel. This means far more time with the needle in the skin and not our usual get it in, squeeze, and get it out as quickly as possible. I strongly suspect that we'll just skip that bit next week and assume we've not managed to hit a blood vessel.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if the arthritis is back in one of PuffyFingers fingers. On Thursday she went skiing with the school. (Her school does skiing as their PE during this term, is that cool or what?!) On Friday morning I found an e-mail from the parent of Pip's best friend, the friend's Mum had gone up to the mountain as a parent helper. PuffyFingers had been complaining of pain in her finger on the mountain and had been in tears.

PuffyFingers had not mentioned a word to us. I asked if anything hurt on Friday evening, and everything was "A1" according to Herself. I didn't actually look at the fingers myself - bad, bad mother.

On Saturday morning it was football practice. PuffyFingers had a meltdown when she got on the pitch. The coach was utterly bemused as she was blubbing that her finger hurt but he couldn't work out why that was a problem in football. Then I looked and sure enough the 4th finger (ring finger) on her left hand was looking a bit puffy between the top and middle knuckles. So I gave her some Tylenol (paracetamol).

Note to self: Buy shares in whoever owns Tylenol, I buy enough of the stuff that I should be getting a return on my purchases.

PuffyFingers hasn't complained of pain since and when asked says it's OK. The swelling seems to have mostly gone down, and I'm now in the familiar position of wondering if I imagined it in the first place. I shall continue to watch and wait.

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