Thursday, January 7, 2010

Idiotic Instructions

The lovely nurses have phoned through the prescriptions to the pharmacy (I never, ever, will be able to wrap my head around the US health system). It has to be preapproved by insurance; I take it this is subtext for "This stuff is fooking expensive, and we want to make sure you can pay for it."

Once we have our sticky mitts on the drugs then we have to head over to the hospital for a training session. Apparently there's more to learn, as we have to mix it up ourselves, not just fill a syringe. This seems strangely like something an addict would be doing.

Note to self: Don't make jokes about drug addicts to the pharmacy staff, they have an amazing lack of sense of humour about those sort of things, as I have previously discovered.

Anyway in parental overdrive - as per usual - I've been trolling the Internet for information about Enbrel AKA Entanercept.

(Query: How did parents do this before the internet?
Answer: Comes there none.)

And the best bit of info discovered so far: "Avoid being near people who are sick or who have infections".
Classic. Puffyfingers is six years old. She goes to school. School; that hotbed of bacteria and viruses (virii?). How on earth is she meant to "avoid people who are sick or who have infections"? I propose to wrap her in cling film (US:saran wrap) accompanied by scuba gear.

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