Thursday, January 7, 2010

Andy Dunn, this is for you

I've been guilt tripped into updating the blog. It was pointed out at last night's pub quiz (where we were quite frankly pathetic) that I haven't updated the blog in, ahem, quite a while. As puffyfingers had an appointment this morning I thought I'd do it in my lunch hour while it's all fresh.

A potted history of the last few months. Puffyfingers has had recurrences of arthritis in her fingers and wrist. And also new flares in her right hip and her jaw. All of these were leapt on by Seattle Children's with their usual alacrity and she's had two rounds of steroid injections, in June and September.

Meanwhile we kept up the methotrexate. We've tried to up the dosage when she's had a flare but the blood tests have shown that Puffyfinger's liver doesn't seem to like methotrexate very much, so then we've lowered the dosage and she's had another flare. It's like one of those really annoying balancing games where you want to find the sweet spot where the ball bearing doesn't roll off the edge or down the hole.

So this morning we had another blood draw (much moaning and gnashing of teeth) and the results are in the post below. No sign of inflammation, Hurrah! No sign of anaemia, Hurrah! Liver Enzymes gone bananas, Boo! Hiss!

I'm waiting to hear from the hospital on what they want to do about the blood results, phone call expected this afternoon.

The other thing we had this morning was a check-up with the oral and maxillofacial surgeon who did the jaw injection. That led to a CAT scan. Phone call with those results expected tomorrow.

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