Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MRI booked

After a little bit of phone tag (who books an MRI of a potential arthritic jaw? The Rheumatologist or the Maxillofacial Surgeon?*). PuffyFingers MRI scan is all booked up. She'll be heading in on 15th April, MRI at 11:15, facial surgeon appointment afterwards.

I'm unsure right now whether they'll want to try with her awake and keeping really still or if they'll knock her out. We'll find out soon. In the meantime I've discovered lots of videos on YouTube about preparing your child for an MRI. The wonders of t'internet.

If she stays awake then a parent is allowed in the room with her. The parent must have no metal on them. This could be problematic. I have two pins in my left ankle from an incident involving a rock and a parachute. They've been in there so long I rarely think about them (cough... mumble... 19 years). I strongly suspect that my two pins are going to stop me from being with PuffyFingers.

The OH will just have to do the caring parent thang. This could be fun...

* It's the maxillofacial surgeon

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