Wednesday, March 10, 2010

8pm and all's well

PuffyFingers is totally back to normal, not a limp in sight.

She gave the cold to me. I was utterly wiped out for 48 hours, I even took the unheard of step of taking a day off work. I normally manically hoard sick days for when I need them for child related time off. I'm not surprised PuffyFingers was limping; I think I was, and I don't even have arthritis.

I have thoughtfully passed the lurgy onto the OH and young LMI also appears to be going down with it. The OH has also had to take a sick day; and is presently laid out on the settee (sofa, couch, davenport or whatever else you want to call it) watching QI on the internet.

I'm waiting to see what shape LMI is in when she wakes in the morning. It's all fun, fun, fun in the Fingers household.

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