Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fortune telling

I see an MRI in the future.

The hospital rang yesterday and failed to get hold of us as the girls and I are at the beach and the OH was at work. The OH picked up the message and passed it on yesterday evening in the girls bedtime call to Daddy.

I called this morning from the house phone. We're so far out in the sticks that my cell phone has zero reception in the house or anywhere in the village. That's AT&T for you. There is one spot on the beach where you can get intermittent reception so I'm getting all my messages in a daily download when we go to see the sea.

The lovely nurses have just called back. The rheumatologist has spoken to the facial surgeon; they can't tell from the CT scan whether the extra space in the jaw is due to inflammation from the arthritis or some sinus thing. So we have a plan - carry on with the Enbrel - if it is arthritis that's the best thing we could do anyway, and in 2 months time Puffy will have another new experience - an MRI scan. The MRI will show in much greater detail exactly what's going on in that jaw joint.

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