Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's so special about a face?

Hospital appointment today. Rheumatology check up after a month on the new medication.

The good news:
  1. It looks like the fingers on PuffyFingers right hand are responding to treatment.
  2. We will reduce the dosage on the prednisolone. From 5mg to roughly 2mg. Roughly because I said we'd finish the new prescription we picked up on Saturday. As it's in little 5mg tablets I need to try cutting them in half. That should be a fun task at breakfast time.

The bad news:

  1. Her left middle finger is still pretty bad and for the first time ever she complained of pain when the doctor was examining her.
  2. There's still swelling in the elbow.
  3. There might be something going on in her jaw, on the left hand side.

We also had the fun of a urine test. Just imagine trying to get a 5 year old to wee in a small pot.

They also did a blood draw. PuffyFingers was not a happy rabbit. She was excited and kept asking when they'd be doing her blood test until the needle appeared, then she cried. The Scooby Doo and Spider Man stickers soon sorted her out. I feel immensely chuffed that she did choose SD and Spidey rather than the dreaded Dora or Disney Princesses.

As for me, I'm rather upset. I'm trying to work out why. I know that it's her jaw possibly being involved that has stirred me up. But why does that upset me? Why should arthritis in the jaw be any worse than her fingers, or arms, or legs? Am I really that influenced by how someone looks? So what if her jaw is a wee bit lopsided? We'll probably be the only people who'll ever notice it. Surely it's worse if she doesn't have full movement in her hands? So why am I sat here blubbing as I type?

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