Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Just put the girls to bed, and while reading bedtime stories noticed that the middle finger on PuffyFingers left hand is very puffy indeed. The end of her finger looks normal, but the other half the upper end of it up to her hand looks like a sausage.

Think I'll be calling the rheumatology nurse tomorrow to ask for advice.

I'm taking bets on the response being one of the following:
  1. Just wait, and continue the medication
  2. Up the steroid dosage (that we've only just lowered)
  3. Go in for an appointment to see if she needs a steroid injection

Part of me wants it to be 3, because it's always worked in the past; and then I'll be free from the thought that every day that passes her joint is degrading a little bit more.

It's odd how your attitude changes with experience, the first time she went under a GA I was really worried. Now it's so old hat that it's my preferred option. Weird.

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