Friday, April 2, 2010

Poor Little Cinders

Picture the Fingers household this morning...

I was zooming around unloading the dishwasher, making a packed lunch, making a cup of tea, finding white socks for school*, etc.

PuffyFingers was tucking into a bowl of Cornflakes.

LMI was in the larder.

Me: "LMI, come out here and bring the cereal you want with you."

LMI emerges and deigns to sit down.

LMI: "Where's my breakfast?"

Me: "In the larder, I asked you get the box of cereal out while you were in there"

LMI: "It's just not fair. You treat me like Cinderella and make me do all the housework"

* Query: Why do we never have clean white socks despite the fact that I know I bought at least 12 pairs last August?

1 comment:

Traveller said...

LMI has given me the most amusement of the week. I read the blog about four hours ago and have not stopped laughing yet. Will you please STOP treating her like Cinderella. You know very well she is really Queen Lucy (or is it Queen Susan?).