Thursday, November 27, 2008

Running (or strolling) for arthritis

It's that time of year again. I've just signed the whole family up for the Jingle Bell Run (or walk in my case) which raises money for the Arthritis Foundation. LMI and I will be walking 5K, the OH will be running 5K, and PuffyFingers is going to run 1K.

This will be our third year, but it's the first time PuffyFingers has done the children's run. She's walked with me and LMI in previous years (or been carried on my shoulders).

We're part of a team, "Team Pip", which is organized by a lady who runs an exercise class that I participated in for a while. Our team goal is to raise $5000 dollars. Our family goal is to raise more than last year.

If you're in Seattle and fancy a walk or run around the city center on a Sunday Morning in December with jingle bells on your shoes then you can sign up here:

If you're not in Seattle, or don't want to get up early, but would like to support our efforts then please sponsor PuffyFingers:

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